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"Сотворение жизни"

«Кто сказал, что пишут красками? Пользуются красками, а пишут чувствами». Ж.-Б.С.Шарден


The Festival is organized with the support of the St Petersburg Committee for Culture

We are pleased to invite artists to participate!

“One uses colours, but one paints with feelings”
J.B.S. Chardin

Dedication to the master
The St Petersburg artists dedicate the Fourth Festival of Monotype Painting to Elizaveta Kruglikova, an extraordinary Russian artist of the early 20th century, born in St Petersburg in 1865. The year 2009 was chosen by the Festival organizers to mark the centenary of the year when Kruglikova invented her unique monotype technique in her workshop in Rue Boissonade, in Paris. This is how she later recalled this event:
“In 1909, I was working with theatrical subjects and I had no time to make etchings, and I accidentally arrived at the monotype without even knowing that it was monotype. And I got so absorbed in this new technique that I was making several monotypes a day, sometimes working late at night or early in the morning.” Before World War One, Elizaveta Kruglikova left Paris and moved to St Petersburg. She was an outstanding experimenting artist and a sensitive teacher, leaving behind a vast artistic heritage and many grateful followers and pupils, both in Russia and in France. She was one of the “magnanimous champions of painting”.

What are monotypes
Monotyping is a remarkable style of painting. Mono stands for “one”, and typos for “print”. Monotyping produces a single print, whichever paint or surface is used. The technique allows for a great variety of individual methods. Each artist uses the unique print in their own way. Monotyping has been called “the technique of Divine involvement”. It is definitive and imaginative. At the Festival, we will present the results of our pursuits – the artists’ finished works, and a creative process you can take part in: the master classes.

The Festival’s program includes:
1. An exhibition of monotypes
2. A conference on the art of Elizaveta Kruglikova
3. An exhibition of unique works illustrated by E. Kruglikova
4. Monotype master classes
5. Improvisations in overtone sounds
6. A Poetry evening
7. An evening of Silver Age (early 20th-century) songs
8. A literary essay competition (on a monotype-related topic)

Festival participants:
Artists: Marina Busyreva, Arina Daur, Marina Krasilnikova, Marina Zadirnovskaya, Maria Chebotareva-Bichan, Lidia Lisyanskaya, Elena Karlova, Lilia Tsibizova, Elena Schelchkova, Ekaterina Shemyak, Tamara Repina, Elena Chernaya, Tatyana Nikolaenko, Olga Belskaya (Brest, Belarus), Visa Norros (Helsinki, Finland), Sirkku Ketola (Turku, Finland), Alexsey Askona, Makoveeva Irina, Bodrov Andrey, Sergushov Sergey, Panteleev Vladimir, Shtapakov Yriy, Gluhov Nikolay, Andrey Harshak, Nataliya Kornilova, Antonina Bekaryk, Igor Konakov.
Art historians: Tatyana Chagovets, Alexander Dyachenko, Anastasia Dolgova

Musicians: Galina Parfenova, Olga Anisimova

Poet: Svetlana Maksimova

Actress: Larisa Dmitrieva

The Festival is aimed at:
People of all ages, interested in painting, drawing, interesting and unusual cultural events.

We are especially trying to target:
- Students and senior citizens;
- Families with children;
- Young people;
- Professional artists, art historians, publishers and animators;
- local people and visitors to St Petersburg.

Russia, St.-Petersburg, The Book and Graphics Centre, new hall
Liteynyy pr., 55

21 april-11 may 2009

Festival Promotion:
The main promotion vehicles are:
1) online advertising (media and specialised websites, social networks);
2) targeted advertising in universities and colleges;
3) mailing lists of ART-GID.ru subscribers (around 2,000 addresses);
4) informing exhibition hall databases;
5) advertising in St Petersburg periodicals.

Ways of evaluating the success:
- number of visitors;
- number of master class participants;
- number of media reviews;
- visitors’ feedback.

General Partner of the Festival:
The project «Walks in St Petersburg», www.walkspb.ru

Festival partners:
ART-GID.ru – St Petersburg art and culture,
Tretyakov’s Gallery (www.artgarden.spb.ru),
AMORI Group Internet Agency (www.amori.ru)
Children's library of history and culture of St. Petersburg (branch number 2 The Pushkin Central Municipal Children’s Library)
The North-Western Institute of Publishing (St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design)
The Artists’ Union of Russia
Peter’s Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Festival is organized with the support:
St Petersburg Committee for Culture,
Municipality Liteyniy district,
Administration of the Central district of St. Petersburg (Department of Culture),
The Consulate General of Finland, St. Petersburg

Contact information:
Project manager: Arina Daur (arindersen@yandex.ru, +7-921-777-97-77)
Project coordinator: Daria Klestova (polchok@yandex.ru, info@art-gid.ru, +7-921-639-93-34)

You can send your work to the e-mails, but the original post - please let us know!

* Text translator - Ekaterina Shemyak.