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Elizabeth Kruglikova (1865-1941)

Elizabeth Kruglikova (1865-1941), Russian artist, painter and graphic artist.

Elizabeth Kruglikova had lived in Paris, France since 1895 and had studied at the Academy Vitti. The artist worked in such techniques as color etchings, silhouette portraits, paintings, decorations and designs of the puppets for the puppet theater. But her favorite technique was monotype. Since 1909, Kruglikova had taught at the Academy of La palette. The artist's studio in Paris (in Montparnasse) was the center of Russian artistic life in France. The workshop was a kind of club, where artists, poets, writers and musicians (Gumilev, Balmont, Marsero, Romain Rolland, Gan Riner, Rene Gil) used to meet. There were also Russian students in France, such as M.Voloshin, M.Dobrov, K.Kostenko. Kruglikova was democratic.
The participants of the meetings in her workshop were famous representatives of arts and science and young people, who were at the beginning of their creative careers. Kruglikova always helped them both morally and materially. The beginning of the First World War was the reason on the score of it Elizabeth Kruglikova did never return to Paris from Saint-Petersburg. In 1916 Kruglikova released the book "Paris on the Eve of War" (500 copies) with her reproductions. Due to the sales of this book, a lot of Russian artists were able to return to Russia. Kruglikova was an outstanding teacher. She had taught the graphics arts at the Art Academy in Leningrad (1922-1929).
After the elimination of the polygraphic faculty, she made a great contribution into the preservation and renaissance of traditions of the graphic arts.

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