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Arina Daur. "The Poacher"
"Arina Daur. "The Poacher""

«Кто сказал, что пишут красками? Пользуются красками, а пишут чувствами». Ж.-Б.С.Шарден


The verbal overture to the monotypic image
Monotype (mono – «one», typus – «print») is one of the most amazing kinds of fine arts. That is the only image, which is obtained by printing. What for? What is the reason that motivates an artist to use this way of searching for images?

Perhaps, this is a desire to find the most direct and clear way for reading thoughts – the artist’s specific language. Any image is a monologue by which the author (who draws)appeals to the audience (whom it is intended to). During the thousands of years artists look for the way how to convey (передать смысл, звук, запах, выразить идею) the exact sound of the portrayed thought, what form and which intonation to use. Monotype makes an offing of searching for the system of graphic arts. Monotype includes the availability of the endless internal reserves. This is a specific kind of provocation, oriented to the world of fantasy.

Monotype requires for co-creation. Matisse said: "The ability to see is a creative process." Monotype is an improvisation. The artist determinates an image, he chooses the only one from a variety of options and presents it to the audience. And now the audience becomes a participant of this improvisation. You can say that the audience is required for a specific basis, which helps to take part in the improvisation. Oh, yes! But you have one. This is your visual memory with its unlimited reserves. It is your genetic memory, inherited from the ancestors. It's your tireless desire to admire with the beauty of nature. This is your developed skill of searching for beauty of form. It is your sensitive perception for the rhythms of the earth and the cosmos. This is your gratitude to the Universe.

Monotype is often called as a graphic technique. It seems better to define its position in the middle between painting and graphics. Also it can be called a graphic painting. Or it is possible to call it as a painting graphics. Due to its graphic mobility and preciosity, its sincerity and sensitivity, the monotype becomes your favorite form of representation. The artists-monotypists are the gambling people. The are glad to share their creative positive with the audience. You have ability to get acquainted with the artists-monotypists on our site.
Arina Daur
* Texts translator in our site - Olga Kozulenko.
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