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«Кто сказал, что пишут красками? Пользуются красками, а пишут чувствами». Ж.-Б.С.Шарден

Abour Arina Daur in english

Arina Daur is an artist and a ceramist. She is a graduate of the Higher School of Industrial Art n.a. V.I. Mukhina. Arina Daur works in various genres, but her main art form is a monotype («mono» - «one», «tipus» - «imprint»). During Arina Daur’s personal exhibition in 2002, which took place in the building of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France), someone from the audience called her «The Queen of Monotypes». This title was caught by her colleagues monotypists.
Arina Daur, as well as the inventor of monotype, Elizabeth Kruglikova, doesn’t work in this technique only, but she also promotes it actively. Arina’s master classes were attended by the MEPs in Strasbourg, average citizens from Saint-Petersburg at the Art Fair in the LENEXPO. The audience was always greatly delighted by such simple and spectacular monotype technique during the master classes. The creativity of this artist always fascinates and delights by its amazing poetry and elegance of black and white and color spots.

Vitaly Tretyakov (Tretyakov Gallery, www.artgarden.spb.ru)

* There are known famous artists who worked in the monotype technique - Genoa Castiglione (1616-1670), Englishman Blake (1757-1828), Englishman William Turner (the beginning of XIX century). But Kruglikova was not familiar with their works and she independently discovered this technique.

"Monotype is like a holiday for me. This graphic technique fecundates, awakes the imagination and intuitive thinking. Visual memory is huge, and the imagination, vision, and the genetic memory give to an artist the possibility to model a new imaginary world. Monotype is an improvisation of the inner world in a predetermined situation. And as it is known, the improvisation can not be taken from the emptiness. There is the dependence: than the richer the inner world, the more interesting improvisation. We rely on our intuition. «Intueri» in Latin means "see sharply". There is a delicate moment of the author's intervention in the process of making monotype: the creator shouldn’t spoil the element of graphic spots. Certainly, the skills of drawing rescue ... For instance, metaphorically, I see a huge crystal ball with thousands of shining planes.
When there is a work of thought, the crystal ball begins its movement in different directions, with the aim to find that unique edge, which met with the spot, gives a ray of radiance and illuminates our minds, and we meet. It looks like as if a light hint gives the mind-jogger to the unconscious. And imagination gets out from the memory images, tries them on or rejects them. And suddenly, as an accurate shot with the sword - oop! - Hitting the target. Monotype, as a rule, do artists who believe in a miracle. In a sense, this is a fatal hunting for good luck. And the infinite love to improvisation as well".

Arina Daur

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